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Live NP Reviews: Full Money Back Guarantee*

Necessary NP Workshops and Nursing Education for all!

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Necessary NP Workshops Differences

The Necessary Differences:

Guarantee: Has been backed by a full money back guarantee for 19 years. The graduate must take the test within 1 month of the review, though. No other review course has this track record for the guarantee.

Teaching method: This is a head to toe content review. Physical assessment is strong-you will do it, Marye will do it. You have to get it right. Abnormal findings of diseases are stressed.  It is not in a question and answer format. The NECESSARY NP Review binder and interaction with the presenter, reminds the NP grad of necessary points of many of the diseases. Necessary Keys to how to remember them is the most important difference in this review. This course combines traditional lecture (left brain learning) with right brain stimulation (based on Harvard professor Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences of Learning). We use pictures, repetition of words, drawing, collaboration with others, and action to help you remember things faster than you ever dreamed possible. You will not fall asleep or be passive. You will be working very hard with the presenter. No one is put on the spot. It is fun and we help each other to pass the test.

Faculty: Marye Kellermann PhD, CRNP, FAANP is your presenter, there are no substitutions. Marye, President of the corporation, is the creator of the NECESSARY NP Review, and every other NECESSARY workshop, with input from consultants from all over the world. She is your professor, exclusively.

The Necessary $100 Option: Take the course again for only $100 before your test (within 4 months of the original review) 

Success Rate: Nearly 100% success rate!

ALL of our other NECESSARY Workshops (Necessary Teaching, Necessary Physical Assessment, Necessary EKG, and many more upcoming workshops) for Nurses, Faculty, and Nursing Students are taught exclusivley by Marye Kellermann using these techniques.