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Necessary Nurse and NP Tutoring

For NCLEX prep, entry-level nurses, new and  "seasoned" faculty and nurse practitioner students.

Having trouble with content? Difficulty understanding courses and material? Trouble prioritizing? Need help with 


If so, tutoring may be NECESSARY!

What you'll get...
Personalized, one-on-one tutoring with the leading expert in accelerated learning methods.Learn or relearn assessment? Need a pharmacology primer? Trouble with tests?
Be assessed, guided, and coached by Dr. Marye Dorsey Kellermann. She will observe your learning style and help you activate both hemispheres of your brain to recall information. Dr. Kellermann interacts with you live in person or ZOOM.

What students are saying:

Sherylie C: "I was about to give up, since preparing other ways for my NP test, and well I cried for days. Then I heard about Dr. Marye Kellermann. OMG- what a genuinely caring concerned teacher. I paid alot to

have her one on one, but I made it. It was worth every penny. My family is so grateful to this terrific "Necessary Lady of education".

Tim J.: "Heard about Dr K through the grapevine and internet. My past preceptor said "don't get discouraged, you need a dose of "Kellermanmite". I was unsure of what she meant, but I found Dr. K and I felt more assured in clinical and got my MOjo back after being

beaten down by difficult preceptors. Now I am a strong NECESSARY NP-Thanks to Dr. K- till we meet again at a symposium!"

Jason J. "As new NP faculty, it was a hard shift to teaching. Trouble with the DNPis that they dont teach you how to teach! Dr K. helped me do her "Say See and Do's of teaching- wow what a terrific approach. I evaluate all of my teaching per or "ala the NECESSARY Teaching Method". Very cool".

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