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Live NP Reviews: Full Money Back Guarantee*

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Marye Kellermann

"Professor Kellermann's accelerated teaching helped me learn and retain more information in 3 days than I did during my entire NP Program. I felt like she was there with me while I took my exam; I wish all nursing classes had a little "Kellermann" in them!"— Marjorie J., Atlanta, GA

Created by the international nursing expert
for accelerated adult learning!

Take the course again for only $100 before your test.
(within 3 months of the original review)

Marye Dorsey Kellermann PhD, CRNP, FAANP is the exclusive presenter for all workshops. There are no substitutions!

The only live review course with a full money back guarantee over 20 years straight!*


Due to recent developments regarding COVID-19 and updates in university and state policy, certain live review courses will be held during LIVE online sessions. Please see our list below for those indicated courses.

We were determined to teach these courses in person but must follow the precautions set out by the universities and the government.

This is a fun and interactive course and Dr. Kellermann will present it as if you were together in the classroom. We are dedicated to providing you with the best learning experience possible.

Interested in having a LIVE review at your school? Contact us today! 


Have fun, learn, and pass! Guaranteed.

Are you an ADULT/GERO NP or FNP taking your boards? It is vital that you prepare once to pass once! Learn the vitals to keep you alive during stressful NP testing! 

Thousands of NP students have taken the Necessary NP Review for certification test prep. Prepare once to pass your nursing boards! Nearly100% passage for AANP and ANCC tests!  


Current LIVE NP Certification dates:

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April 24-26:  LIVE ONLINE SESSION (previously Ft. Wayne, IN)

May 17-19: Millersville, PA  (Millersville University)

May 28-30: Rohnert Park, California (Sonoma State University)

June 6-8: Elkridge, MD  

June 19-21:  LIVE ONLINE SESSION (previously St. Louis, MO)

August 5-7: York, PA (York College)

August 21-23: Linthicum, MD

September 11-13: Linthicum, MD

October 23-25: Linthicum, MD

November 13-15: Linthicum, MD 


We will come to your school! Contact us to reserve your dates! 



2 Day Workshop for ANP/GNP: $400 (18 Contact Hours)

2.5 Day Workshop for FNPs: $450 (23 Contact Hours)



About the review...


Experience accelerated learning techniques with straight lecture to make learning captivating, interactive and fun. You can’t fall asleep in these courses. All courses taught by Marye Dorsey Kellermann, there are no substitutions!


All of Dr. Kellermann's courses are taught using her NECESSARY WHOLE BRAIN techniques. This technique helps you recall and retain information by stimulating both the right and left hemispheres of your brain. 


STIMULATE  the left hemisphere with traditional lecture, questions and answers.


ACTIVATE  the right hemisphere with accelerated learning techniques (color, music collaboration and acronyms) to improve quick recall of the vast amount of information covered in NP programs. Follow the KELLERMANN schematic that is catching on across the country to help you prioritize, organize and respond to NP Certification questions.