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Join the thousands of NECESSARY NPs who swear by Dr. Kellermann's teaching! 

Check out some of reviews from REAL nurses and NP's from our Facebook page:

I am a necessary NP. The 2.5 day workshop is equivalent to 4 years of NP school . She will help you know and remember the content with her fun activities and songs. Dr K. you rock! 

- Mercy O.

Dr. Kellermann's class was very interactive and I was able to retain the information much better. The various techniques Dr. Kellermann uses are extremely helpful and help you quickly recall the information. Thank you Dr. Kellermann! 
- Wanda T.

Dr. Kellermann does a great job making it all stick! My only regret is that I didn't know about this course earlier. I can imagine a parallel universe where I took this course at the very beginning of my NP program and again at the very end. That would have been amazing. Still, going forward, I want MORE!   
-Julie K.

Excellent workshop! The review of physical assessment techniques was very informative. I feel this workshop has helped to well prepare me for boards.
- Kara D.

This is the best NP review in the world! Thanks Dr Kellerman for sharing your knowledge with me! 
- Karen J.

Dr. Kellermann's whole brain learning method worked for me. As I was answering the questions on my test I recalled all her silly but helpful sayings! THANK YOU Dr. Kellermann for all your help!
- Winnie T.

Great time at the workshop. NP students: she is the women to take. 
- Laticia B.

Dr. Kellerman helped me pass my exam. She engages in critical question breakdown. Memorization techniques that pull out what you already know, allowing you to apply that knowledge through key points of memorization. When I took Dr. Kellerman's review I was able to really put it all together and pull that information out. 
 - Vel S.