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Necessary NP Women's Health (3 Hours)

3 hours of NECESSARY Points about primary care of women across the lifespan.

Topics Covered: Gyn necessary anatomy- Bartholin vs Skene's ducts- Tanner stages- Internal gyn anatomy- Pap and smears- Aging changes- Sexual response in aging- Breast cancer- Cervical cancer- Uterine cancer- Preconception Health- Immunizations- Healthy lifestyle- Folic Acid- Avoidance of Vit A toxic level- Birth control- STDs- Herpes Simplex 2- Syphilis- Gonorrhea- Chlamydia- vaginitis- yeast- -BV trich- osteoporosis/ risks and managements- urinary incontinence (types complaints and treatment)

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This audio and test includes 3.50 contact hours.