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Necessary NP Pediatrics (3 hours)

3 hours of NECESSARY Information for Primary care of children from neuro to derm, short and sweet and to the point).

Topics Covered: Infantile Automatisms (reflexes)- Vital sign, head/chest circumference- Dehydration in infants- Neurofibromatosis, Tay Sachs,CP,PKU- Child Theorists- Infant feedings- Food allergies- Toys selection- Causes of death up to 21 yrs.- Denver tool/milestones- Teeth eruption and trauma- Autism- ADHD- Schizophrenia- Eating disorders- Ear infection- Otic irrigations- Tympanogram- Nasal polyps- Glossoptosis- CHF and Cyanotic heart defects- Pediatric murmurs-

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This audio and test includes 3.50 contact hours.