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Necessary NP Review Workshop

18 or 23 Contact Hours

Announcement: Due to COVID restrictions at universities and colleges across the country, all courses are being taught fully live online by Dr. Kellermann. All course content remains the same and will be taught as if you are in a classroom together. We are dedicated to providing you with the best learning experience possible during this time. 



 About the review... 

If you are an ADULT GERO NP or FNP - Join the thousands of students who have taken the Necessary NP Review over the past 20 years with nearly 100% success on the AANP and ANCC tests!

Use accelerated learning techniques (color, music collaboration and acronyms) to improve quick recall of the vast amount of information covered in NP programs. Follow the KELLERMANN schematic that is catching on across the country to help you prioritize, organize and respond to NP Certification questions.

You are provided a binder of information including practice questions covering: HEENT, Mouth, Pharynx, Heart, Lungs, GI, Endocrine, Anemias, STD, Kidney, Prostate, Menopause, Endocrine, Contraception, Rashes, Mental status, Depression, Suicide, Abuse, Nurse Practitioner Certification test strategies, Relaxation techniques, Health Care trends and issues for NP practice.



$400.00 - ADULT GERO NPs taking only the first 2 days. (18 contact hours)

$450.00 - FNPs taking first 2 days and an additional 1/2 day for pediatrics on the third day. (23 contact hours)



Want Dr. Kellermann to present for your school or institution? Become a course organizer and you attend the workshop for free. 

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