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Necessary EKG Workshops

8.4 Contact Hours


About the workshop...


Even if you have never interpreted a rhythm strip or EKG, YOU WILL in just one day! Marye uses accelerated adult learning principles of color and catchy phrases to teach in a non-threatening, fun way. Designed for Faculty, RNs, NPs, medical students and EKG technicians all learning the same NECESSARY information. UNBELIEVABLE!

Learn it in just one day...no experience Necessary!

  • Are you comfortable with patients on a monitor?

  • If you had an EKG in your hand could you tell if the patient was having an acute MI

  • Have you taken an EKG course before?

  • Can you identify lethal arrythmias in 5 seconds?

  • Do you feel comfortable with what you learned from previous EKG courses?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, Necessary EKG is the course to take!

Designed to teach you 13 common arrhythmias and whether a patient is having an MI, in just one day! We teach it differently, with accelerated learning methods. You'll color with markers, clap, and use catchy jingles. Whatever it takes to get you to learn, we will do. It’s unbelievable!

Time: 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM (one day workshop)

Pricing: $225.00 





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