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Necessary Advanced Physical Assessment

18 Contact Hours

Based upon her book NECESSARY Physical Assessment for Advanced Practice, Marye Kellermann, a certified and practicing NP is your presenter. There are no substitutions. Learn the how-to's of physical assessment from an NP who has been teaching assessment for 19 years. Enjoy Marye's creative, captivating and confident manner. The time will fly! Includes a complete "head to toe". Marye Kellermann's techniques are copyrighted and might just be the trick to help you perform a complete, gentle and necessary physical.

Based upon the internationally known Kellermann schematic and geared for nursing faculty, NPs in Practice, NP students, Clinical Specialists and Medical Students- this is the course you should take if:

  • You learned it and forgot
  • You never learned it
  • You don’t use it so you lost it!

This course is based upon Marye Dorsey Kellermann’s book Physical Assessment for Advanced Practice. It was based upon research from practicing NPs all over the country. These skills are the NECESSARY ones for safe, REAL WORLD practice. Learn a “head to toe” adult exam (pelvic and rectal not covered) in 2 days. Accelerated learning principles make this speed learning of the skills possible. Bring your stethoscope, oto-opthalmoscope, hammer and forks. This is a hands on workshop. Dress comfortably. No one is ever put on the spot. Work directly with the founder of our corporation and noted international presenter. You'll learn and feel much better about doing physicals.

Time: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM (2 day workshop)

Pricing: $400

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