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NP Practice Books 

Our Necessary NP Test Booklets consist of questions derived from the input of consultants across the country, as well as successful NP grads. These questions are not too hard, and not to easy. They're just right.

These books are all multiple-choice questions, which make up the majority of certification exams. These questions are appropriate for Nurse Practitioner certification exams by the ANCC and the AANP.

Contact hour option: You can earn contact hours using these books for an additional fee. If you choose this option, we will send you a quiz to complete and return to us. A score of 70% must be achieved to earn the contact hours.

  • NECESSARY FNP 1000 Questions

  • NECESSARY NP Acute Care 250 Questions

  • NECESSARY ANP/GNP 1000 Questions

  • NECESSARY NP Pediatrics 250 Questions

  • NECESSARY NP Women's Health 250 Questions