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Necessary Workshops: Our Story

Marye KellermannDr. Kellermann is an international speaker, author and creator of Necessary Workshops and products. Over 25 years ago, she founded Necessary Workshops as an alternative to other nurse education materials and courses. Moving beyond traditional lecture, Dr. Kellermann used her expertise in whole brain learning to create an enhanced educational experience for all learners. She coined her technique Necessary Whole Brain Learning©, a teaching style which activates both hemispheres of the brain. The "NECESSARY whole brain" philosophy was the inspiration for all educational material, courses, and learning tools created by Dr. Kellermann. As Necessary Workshops grew over the years, Dr. Kellermann garnered a fanbase throughout the nursing community and nursing education. Her review courses and test prep methods have helped thousands of Nursing and NP Graduates pass their certification exams. 

Dr. Kellermann has inspired countless faculty to look at education with an open heart and mind. Today, she continues to educate and motivate nurses, NPs, faculty, and healthcare workers. She is a popular guest speaker at universities and hospitals across the country.  Dr. Kellermann teaches all of her workshops exclusively, using her Necessary Whole Brain Approach© which many describe as stimulating, motivating, and exciting. 

More About Dr. Kellermann:

Dr. Kellermann graduated from the University of Virginia in 1977 and earned her MS in 1981 from the University of Maryland. In 2013, she received her PhD in Organizational Leadership at The University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.

She is a Distinguished Fellow of The American Association of Nurse Practitioners and a frequent presenter for national symposiums and specialty conferences for the AANP in national and specialty presentations in neurology.

She has recently worked as a nurse practitioner in internal medicine and a private practice neurology with a Johns Hopkins affiliated group . Currently, her practice includes medical care of a religious order. Her specialties include neurology, cardiology, geriatrics, adolescence and general internal medicine, as well as international health care. She has been a manuscript reviewer for The National League for Nursing Journal since 2004.

Dr. Kellermann has been nominated for the National League for Nursing's award for Outstanding Leadership in Nursing Education in 2003, as well as the Outstanding Educator Award by the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) in 2004. In 2012, Dr. Kellermann was selected as a Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Dr. Kellermann was a guest speaker for the April 2014 NONPF Conference in Denver on her Necesssary Whole Brain Teaching Method. Currently, she works as a Clinicial Assistant Professor in the Nurse Pactitioner Program for The Catholic University of America. FOr the past several years Dr. Kellermann has been a presenter at national sympoisums for hte American Assoiciaion of Nurse Practitioners.

Dr. Kellermann's Additional Qualifications:

Certifications: ANCC

  • Adult Primary Care
  • Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

Faculty Experience:

  • Coppin State College Graduate FNP Program: Actng Associaite Dean for Graduate Studies as well as full time NP faculty
  • University of Maryland Graduate NP Program
  • Essex Community College
  • Stevnson University (Villa Julie College BSN Program)
  • Towson University
  • Catholic University

Nurse Practitioner:

  • Johns Hopkins affiliated private practice neurology group
  • Internal Medicine private practice: Baltimore, Maryland
  • pro bono health care religious sisters


  • Health Care Agencies
  • Educational Programs; Nurse Practitioner: entry level nursing and DNP and master's level education programs


  • Necessary Physical Assessment (a book for every nurse)
  • Necessary Physical Assessment for Advance Practice

Creator of:

  • NECESSARY Nursing SKILLS (13 step by step)
  • NECESSARY Physical Assessment
  • NECESSARY Leader
  • Numerous Disease Entity Audio Review